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Reliable air conditioning servicing

Noticing a strange smell in your car? If you are a driver whose vehicle has developed a strange smell when the air conditioning has been switched on, don’t delay and bring your vehicle down to Ashton Mechanical Services. Our team are experienced and are here to complete a much-needed air conditioning service, helping to keep you cool during the summer months. An air conditioning service is very important for your vehicle’s system as is can stop the development of faults and build-up of fungi over time.

Bacteria cleanse at Ashton Mechanical Services

When you bring your vehicle down to Ashton Mechanical Services, our team can conduct a thorough air conditioning service to be conducted once every two years. Our team when conducting an air conditioning service will also include a bacteria and fungi cleanse. A bacterial cleanse will clean the bacteria and fungi build up that develops in the moist vents of the air conditioning system. By us removing the build-up and cleaning the system, we can reduce the amount of bacteria that is released into the cabin of the car when the air conditioning has been switched on. A service conducted at our garage in Micham, Surrey will also include a lubricant and gas replenishment, making sure that your system has the necessary gases to produce hot and cool air.

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Air conditioning repairs

An air conditioning service conducted by our skilled team will also include a much-needed inspection of key parts, making sure that no wearing of faults has developed over time. For drivers whose air conditioning has highlighted new faults, our team with the highest quality repair parts recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. We believe that by using the highest quality repair parts, we can keep your vehicle safe and keep your vehicle running fault free for the years to come.

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Stay cool on the roads during the summer months and bring your vehicle down to Ashton Mechanical Services. At Ashton Mechanical Services, our team offers a reliable air conditioning service, replenishing vital gases and lubricants while running a much needed bacterial cleanse. By bringing your vehicle down and allowing our team to restore the condition of your air conditioning, you can be confident in an air conditioning system that will work no matter the weather. To book an air conditioning service, contact our team or use our online booking tool which is available 24/7.

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