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If you want a speedy and reliable MOT Test, consider coming to visit Ashton Mechanical Services in Mitcham,Surrey. The services provided is tailored to what you need. For example, a collection and delivery service is available so that you don’t have to drop your vehicle off yourself. The location is ideal for the entire community and its surrounding areas.

What happens to your vehicle during an MOT Test

  • The mechanic is happy to arrange an MOT test with another garage on your behalf.
  • During the MOT, a series of safety inspections and tests on your vehicle following guidelines from DVSA will be performed.
  • When the test is completed you will be given a certificate or refusal document, depending on whether your vehicle passed or failed the MOT. This document will have notes on what to do after the test has been completed.
  • All of these tests are now computerised, and you can view your vehicle’s MOT history online at any time.
  • We always recommend keeping hold of your MOT certificates for the service history of your vehicle.

Vehicle maintenance at Ashton Mechanical Services

For drivers who worry about their vehicle or want to maintain the health of their car, then consider a service at Ashton Mechanical Services. Our professional and skilled team in our garage have experience restoring and servicing a range of different makes and models. We follow your vehicle’s manufacturer service guidelines, making sure that all key parts essential to your safety over the upcoming months. Unsure when to book a service, choose between either once every 6, 12 or 24 months.

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Improved vehicle value

For many drivers, improving the value and performance of their vehicle is a must and when you bring your vehicle down to Ashton Mechanical Services, our team can do both. By regularly servicing your vehicle, our team can maintain and restore your vehicle. We will also stamp your service handbook, keeping it up-to-date. An up to date handbook can increase the value of your vehicle by 5 -10% when the time comes to sell your car. Referenced to as FSH, a vehicle with a full service handbook is important and a must have with potential future buyers.

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For drivers wanting to book a stress-free MOT, then let Ashton Mechanical Services book you a vital appointment at a local, experienced garage. We have been operating for over 10 years and are able to arrange Class 4,5 & 7 MOT testing on a range of vehicles. Our trained team can restore the condition of your vehicle with a service, keeping it driving smoothly during the months to come and with a higher vehicle value. To book an appointment at Ashton Mechanical Services, use our online booking tool or contact our team today!

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